Adjusting Your Trailer Brakes the Easy Way – Customer Support Portal

is crucial. Brakes are some of the most vital safety components in your car, and any malfunctioning brake is among of the most common cause of car crashes that result in fatalities. When you’re hauling a trailer, you can utilize a trailer brake controller option, or manually adjust the brakes. It is vital to test your trailer’s and truck brakes regularly. But, this can make your car and the rest of your vehicle safer. This video demonstrates how to set the trailer brake by hand to make sure the brakes are aligned with the truck.

The first step is to calibrate your trailer’s brake sensor. To accomplish this, set up your vehicle and the trailer in tow on a very level road. An entire sensor circuit is going to develop between your truck’s trailer and the truck. This will produce the green LED light. The LED light turns red when you apply the manual break then move the control knob to power. Gradually dial your power knob till it reaches max. This setting is perfect to transport.