All About Heat Pump Repairs – Sales Planet

Variable-speed, high-efficiency fan motor. The thermostat can automatically adjust your fan’s speed on auto. Install a multistage thermostat designed to heat pump. A regular maintenance schedule is crucial for the efficiency of your heating and cooling functioning.

If your heat pump won’t start at all, you likely have problems in one or two places:
The thermostat
The unit that receives the power

What are you able to do to ease the process? Here are some tips. It is possible to ensure that the thermostat you have set is at the proper setting (meaning heat if you’re looking for warmth, and what temperature you’d like your room to attain). You may find that your thermostat was not made for heat pumps.

Also, make sure the heat pump is powered. A tripped circuit breaker could cause the problem, and is a simple fix (just change the breaker on). A short circuit in your electrical system is likely to be the culprit behind why your furnace’s breaker is frequently tripped. For that you’ll want to call a heating and cooling expert. 8dhuq4cvil.