Are Online Prescriptions Safe? – Dt W News

One consultations and online appointments. Although doctors are now beginning to accept additional physical appointments in 2022. Several patents from around the globe are investing in the digital revolution in medical care. A lot of patients are receiving the option of online consultation for prescriptions instead of having in-person appointments. While it sounds as if it’s an amazing concept, some do not believe in how true and safe the prescriptions can be. In this clip we’ll take a look the way in which one application has created certain concerns regarding online prescriptions.

The Australian application offers prescriptions based on a simple questionnaire alone, causing several doctors to be concerned about misdiagnosis or the misuse of prescription drugs. Although the app does not contain any substances that are considered to be addictive, it’s nevertheless possible to get a prescription based on some fundamental questions. While the app promises that each questionnaire will be scrutinized by a medical professional before approving it however, it’s still recommended that doctors have an initial consultation via telephone prior to approving a brand new prescription.