How Does T Shirt Printing Work? – Art Magazines Online

Are you unsure of how tshirt printing operates. The printing of tshirts is a complex procedure. You can still learn the basics of shirt printing through this article.

The first task is design the logo, images, or the words you wish to display on your computer.

Next, the design is then uploaded to a specific machine that is used to make the logo cut-out on social paper that sticks to clothes and is covered with a protective film over top.

The design printed on paper isn’t always completely finished. Printing professionals might need to take the logo’s edges to the right place using a device to make clean lines. Similar to the process done on the Cricut machine.

The next step is to place the clothing in the press machine. It functions just as an iron. It makes the place smooth and warm to apply. The logo is placed exactly where it should be. Close the press machine to attach the design to your shirt. Last thing is peel off the film, and it’s done!

To find out more about how t shirt printing works, watch the video above!