How to Choose Between Different Types of Window Coverings – The Buy Me Blog

A wide range of choices. That’s how you choose which one you’d like.

Shades shutters, blinds, and drapes are the most common styles of window blinds.

Blinds make use of rotating slats to manage light levels, making them great in rooms that have a changing lighting. But, when they’re open they will be placed in a row, either on the top or side of the window, which might block your views.

Shades in contrast can be made from one big piece of fabric that is able to be folded up. Shades don’t function like blinds. They can be easily rolled into a slender shape and will not block your view. Since they are made of fabric, they also come in various opacities so that you can have more or less illumination in your room as they close.

Shutters can be considered to be among the prettiest alternatives, and they can also increase the home’s value. They’re an electric hard blind and are typically comprised of wood.

Lastly, drapes are the best in terms of fashion and materials. If you’re looking to inject a bit of color to your room then drapes are the best choice.