How to Find Leaks in your Roof – Creative Decorating Ideas

There are signs of leaks in your roof and seal them before they cause damage.

An easy and effective method to identify a leak is to get a garden hose and the help from someone who has sharp eyes. One person will go onto the roof and spray the roof area-by-area using the hose. One person will go up on the roof, and then apply the spray area-by-area the hose. A second person should remain on the roof to monitor for leaks.

There are some guidelines to make sure this test works. Start at the bottom of the roof, and gradually move up. The shingles should be sprayed on all angles because where the leak is could be one which is only visible when to contact with water.

When the helper in the attic sees the leak, they’ll be required to lead you across the leak, which can be a challenge. Get a pair of walkie-talkies or just use your mobile phones so there is no need to shout through the roof in order to communicate with each other.

If you reach the location of the leak look under the side of the shingles until you can locate the crevice. You can plug it before calling the local roofing firm for permanent repairs. Go to the above video to read more about.