Is Rochester Really the Portland of the East?

Things to do in rochester

Rochester, New York. I just moved here from Portland, Oregon. I know Portland like the back of my hand and I love it. There is never a shortage of things to do there. But now I have relocated and I was nervous to find new things to do in Rochester. I am thrilled and relived that my new home has much to offer. There are a zillion fun things to do in Rochester NY. On my very first weekend looking for stuff to do in Rochester I stumbled on a list of festivals and live music. Now that is up my ally. We ended up listening to a lovely bluegrass band whilst sipping on hot toddies. That just sounds like a dream come true, right?

My man and I were looking for things to do in Rochester NY this weekend and once again we ran into more options than we had time for. We told our nephews about all the things to do in Rochester we had been reading about online and we ended up taking them to the zoo that very day. In addition to all the scheduled festivals and activities in Rochester NY there are also good shopping options. Two weekends ago we purchased all of our fresh groceries at the outdoor market and it was nothing short of charming. The fresh and affordable eats were sold to me by a variety of personalities and I had my very first Amish experience! Who would have thought!?

I know I have only been here a month but so far my favorite things to do in Rochester are to go to the zoo, shopping at the outdoor market, and finding live music. But I am so excited about all the things to do in Rochester I have not had time for yet. The Susan B. Anthony house will be a stop one day soon. And next time we are looking for things to do in rochester, my husband has made me promise I will take him to Nick Tahaus for a famous garbage plate. And my stomach growled in anticipation right as I typed that.

Now, what are the things to do in Rochester NY today? I know there is something good.