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Many questions have been asked about the Milltown Remedial Investigation Project. The Bureau of Reclamation has posted answers to many of those inquiries on its website, however you could still have further concerns after having read all the content on the site. We want to help answer the questions that you may have.
Remedial Investigative procedures are employed for determining whether contamination of groundwater includes heavy metals is present at the location at Milltown Dam in San Bernardino County.
The investigation will also provide information for monitoring environmental conditions as well as remediation actions. The most significant information regarding remedial investigations is the reason they are needed and their process.
Final thoughts
The Milltown Remedial Investigation (R.I.) Project was initiated to examine the degree of the polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) contamination of the Town as well as the Village of Milltown and surrounding areas. The RI will conduct a full investigation of PCB contamination in soils and groundwater, sediments, wildlife and fish, which can affect people’s health. 7vxbc16b3a.