Prevent Potential Legal Action by Shredding Business Documents – Action Potential

It is a mess of paper documents. This YouTube clip “Secure Document Shredding – Cascades Recovery” looks into the offerings of an organization that shreds business documents.

The shredding firm has been contracted to provide secure shredding of documents, an locked office console will be provided in order to secure documents set for destruction until they are taken away on a set plan by a specified driver. To ensure that documents remain secure, the drivers who pick up locked consoles have been pre-screened. Documents marked as destroyed are put into a secured bag by the driver, and a certificate of destruction, which needs to be signed prior to they are taken away.

In order to allow rebates to be made, you need to produce a certification of destruction as well as the weight of the document. The company can also choose to have their documents shredded at-site. The company can choose online shredding. This involves monitoring the document destruction process inside the trucks with cameras.