Turning Scrap Metal into Artistic Sculptures – Entertainment Videos

Ink from paint brushes markers, pencils and inks of pencils, paint brushes, markers and. The world of sculpture is completely different. art world that uses metal tools to replace traditional markers, pencils, and paper. Though sculpture isn’t the main focus for many artists, they still create amazing and inspirational artworks. Although metalworking has a long history that dates to the time of blacksmithing, which was prevalent in early time, contemporary artists are making use of old scrap metal to make some of the most gorgeous sculptures. This video will show how one artist turns scrap metal into stunning sculptures.

Alan Williams grew up being attracted by dissecting things. Surrounded by the influences of the fantasy genre, he grew into a child with an interest in animals and the freedom fantasy provided. Williams makes use of the scrap metal that surrounds him and doesn’t need to buy arts and crafts equipment. Williams believes that everything you require to create is already around you. He has welding and smithing expertise, he uses elements from trashed machinery to create towering majestic statues of animal or creatures.