What Bondsmen Need to Know About Local Texas Bail Reform Initiatives – Texas Bail Bond Newsletter


As a bail bondsman, you should be excited about the news. It’s not easy to run a business and the bail bonding business is required to adhere to the federal, state and local laws. federal regulations. If you want to become a successful bondman, it is essential to be knowledgeable and committed to the task essential. Do you realize that you could earn additional money which provides you with an additional protection? It is a win for every bail bondman.

Locals have filed a Class Action Lawsuit claiming that Bail Reform was unjust

Local Texas bail reform didn’t go without some outcry, however. The majority of Texas residents felt the new bail reforms put an excessive quantity of financial burden on defendants. In light of the standard bail rate for non-violent offenders one can understand why a bail bonding company would realize that a defendant may feel that it’s unfair. Residents of Texas protested. While it was not a revolution however, the voices of their constituents were heard.

As a bail bondsman, you’ve probably had many clients with financial issues. While working at multiple jobs, these defendants could not keep their money at the bank. They became overwhelmed by credit card bills and other debts. It would not be difficult to imagine bail reforms as not being unjust if you thought the person who was in front of you was innocent. For the typical Texas resident, the changes were thought-out and well-thought out. Yet, the difficulty for those who live in poverty is present.

Bail bond agents can’t do everything in one go. A bail bond agent who helps a defendant in financial trouble doesn’t get any special treatment. Being a bail bondsman you’re required to be harsh on your clients. If you want them be loyal to you, you must share your thoughts on reforming bail. The Texas bail reforms were implemented with a specific purpose. It is possible that you need to explain to your clients.

Sentences for Bail Jumping Are Consistent

It’s good to know that bail-jumping sentences in Texas will not change. In Texas, a conviction for jump bail can land you in jail for a year and get you a fine of up to $4,000.