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develop a relationship to build a relationship, not just a deal.” These words basically sum up. The family owned an enterprise to repair garage doors. Door Tech aims to provide high-quality garage door repair services and accessories to homeowners with a the need of.

Door Tech’s success is due to a variety of reasons. The most significant of which is the Boy Scouts of America. Dru is the older son, attributes his morals and leadership skills to the Boy Scouts, which were his pursuit to the highest degree, that of being an Eagle Scout. Others in the family also took part in the activities of Scouts and helped them manage the business together. Since he was young, Dru sold popcorn to his father. When he graduated and needed a job, he was appointed immediately.

Door Tech has also acquired the prestigious BBB accreditation. This is awarded for businesses who adhere to the highest standards of integrity, honesty and respect. perfect business ethics. This is vital in the garage door repair service since clients must have confidence in you to let in their residences. An older gentleman gets tremendous satisfaction from working with his sons as they work together to ensure they can meet the requirements of every family that needs the garage door. ct8tt4qcs2.