Which Drain Opener Works the Best? – The Buy Me Blog

it is essential to find the perfect drain cleaner to complete the task. There is no fun going between products to find the right one and is effective, so conduct your research prior to locating the blockage drain cleaner that can finish the job correctly the first time. This video will show you how to evaluate the top drain cleaners to find the one that works best.

The most common chemical used to clear drains of clogs is hydrogen peroxide (also called bleach) however bleach is a close second. Some drain cleaners use enzymes and certain types of bacteria to clear the pipes. This makes these products organic. With a variety of tests conducted using a variety of materials, this YouTuber shows that Drain-o, Liquid Plumbing and lye are able to provide the greatest service for the most basic bathroom blockage. The kitchen clogs are best handled with a drain cleaner because they’re likely to contain grease and other solid objects. Acid is the best solution for this, however it’s also highly corrosive, thus making a drain snake the safest solution.