Why is Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure important? – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

The idea was born out of the latest technology, including 5G big data, super-fast robotics, miniaturization, as well as artificial intelligence. This has led to new possibilities like real-time data and better analytical information-gathering. All these developments transform the digital landscape in its inherent behaviors including collaborations, rules, and policies.

The digital environment has become more and more dependent on geospatial solutions. The digital ecosystem continues to grow and grow, there is a requirement to take advantage of technology that automates, evolves and the ability to deliver information in real-time. Geospatial Knowledge Infrastructure (GKI) seeks to develop geospatial as well as general-purpose technology into an essential component of the economy that is 4IR. In order to make sure geospatial data can be utilized and knowledge is distributed throughout the ecosystem it relies on technology, policy, data and people.

Today, in the age of technology an enormous amount of knowledge and automation hinge on the capabilities of geospatial services. GKI is a key component of geospatial information to everybody. GKI has created a new kind of interconnected formats, organisations and disciplines that are simple to access and use. Knowledge and technology for geospatial applications are increasingly important in the environment of 4IR.