Do You Need Family Counseling? – Family Issues Online

This is an extremely difficult scenario that could happen, however you can aid your family members.

It’s not easy when you first attend a therapy session. Dr. Melissa Estavilo is a licensed psychologist who will guide you through the basics of what you can expect in your initial session. Though different approaches are used they share some elements. Important to note that therapy sessions must be attended by everyone in the family to participate in the first session. This does not mean the members of the family should be separated. One of the main goals of family counseling sessions are for the therapists to establish the conditions that allow everyone to feel vulnerable and to express the emotions they are feeling. They can be positive or negative, but the aim is to get the family conversating with each other and sharing their experiences.

If you’re considering visiting a therapist for some family counseling, then you should watch the full video to learn more about what to be expecting from your first appointment. Therapy shouldn’t be frightening. Bring your family members back in a stronger relationship to build bonds.