Never a Dull Moment Here in Rochester Never

Things to do in rochester ny this weekend

There is always stuff to do in Rochester NY. Always. If you disagree, you just do not know where to look. You have plenty of resources for lists of activities in Rochester NY, and that is your first step to staying busy. Knowing where to look.

Some simple and easily accessible resources to look for events listings are the City Newspaper, which you can pick up virtually anywhere in Rochester, or just look on its website, the Democrat and Chronicle, or the RocWiki. Even the City of Rochester website itself has a great list of things. You may also find events listed on Craigslist Rochester, or any coffee house will have a bulletin board that will have posters advertising something that you can attend.

For a list of things to do in Rochester NY this weekend, or any weekend, you only need to stop at the City of Rochester page dedicated to the Rochester Public Market. The Public Market is open year round. Rain, snow or shine. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. As if that were not enough, however, during the spring, summer and autumn months, they have so much more to offer.

The final Wednesday of every month in the summer you can find the Food Truck Rodeo. From five to nine at night, you can partake in all of the food trucks that span Rochester, enjoy some quality beer from Rohrbach Brewing Company, and even listen to some great local bands in the process.

From six to 10 on Friday nights in July and August you can attend the Bands on the Bricks. Even more local music to experience here, and plenty of food to enjoy as well. And then, Sundays starting at the end of April, going all the way into the middle of October, you can attend the Community Garage Sale and Superfleas at the Market. 2013 marks its fourteenth year welcoming over 100 vendors, where you can find anything and everything that people want to get rid of for just a few bucks. You are sure to see some great finds there, so bring a handful of singles and empty your trunk.

When looking for activities in Rochester NY, you need look no further than the Public Market, in my opinion. But, if their offerings do not fit your tastes, simply look online at one of the many resources listing events to attend. You are sure to find something of interest.