The History of Stained Glass Windows – Online College Magazine

Every window made of stained glass has been cut with precise engraving and rt. Window frames are considered an accepted fact. Without a doubt, ordering windows in a simple style and calling a window installation service for your house windows are nothing like the windows made of stained glass from the past. This video provides the necessary steps required to make stained glass.

Then, a sketch is drawn. The sketch is later transformed into black and white lines, that is known as cartoon. When the finished cartoon has been drawn, it’s prepared for the process of stained glass. Each of the pieces of the puzzle is separated and placed on an individual piece of glass. Each glass is picked by color and/or texture, in order to bring the characters of the cartoon. after the individual pieces are broken and ground down to their perfect sizes after which they’re painted using a mixture of oxides and colors. Then, they are matted, shaded after which they are glued together with lead strips. They’re soldered and then displayed.