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It’s fun to do the work. Here’s a quick rundown on how to put together and hang a modern garage door.
Garage Door Installation

Install weather stripping. Weather stripping doors can reduce drafts and keep monthly cooling and heating costs under control. It’s fairly simple to learn how to weatherstrip a door, and you’ll almost certainly find weather-stripping to be an easy and quick procedure. Making the preparations for the area. Find the measurement and cut out the weather stripping. Then, you can install the weather stripping.

To keep weather stripping to stay in place, you must attach cable brackets on your door. Join the top of each hinge to the panel that is above it. Next, you can insert wheeled axles in the side hinges and install the axles’ top and bottom support. Next, install the track. Check that the wheels are correctly aligned within the track. Lastly, connect your door cable to the top hook of the panel axle support, and finally, attach the bracket on the bottom and wall.

Horizontal and vertical tracks need to be joined onto the door. After that, they should be bolted together. Spring anchors need to be linked to the springs. Lastly, attach each spring with the spring locking cone and the bracket. The cable needs to be connected with the pulley.